By Bob Sullivan
Morgan County Business Leader

“I grew up in the business,” Dan Benson, chief operating officer of American Senior Communities (ASC), recalled. “My dad owned and operated nursing homes, and he viewed it as an opportunity to make a difference in seniors’ lives. I carried his values forward when I joined with two partners in 1996, and we first formed what later became ASC.”

Dan observed, “I learned at an early age that the seniors we care for in our communities have a story. They fought in our wars, battled over injustices, struggled through the Great Depression—they helped forge the society we now enjoy. This is our chance to say ‘thank you’ for what they’ve done for us.”

Dan remembers what made Mooresville an attractive area in which to build Meadow Lakes. “Morgan County was a growing market with few options for seniors [to receive] the continuous services we provide. Mooresville welcomed us from the start and worked closely with us during the licensing and permitting process to make this happen quickly.”

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