By Elaine Whitesides
Morgan County Business Leader

In 1998, I started the St. Francis’ Pet Hospital at Kentucky Avenue and Hold road, and opened a second location in Centerton,” explained Dr. Tom Parell. “In 2002 my colleague, Doctor Richard Soughers, who operated a pet hospital in Mooresville for over 55 years, was ready to retire, partly due to complications brought on by emphysema. Doc Soughers was a beloved veterinarian in the community. Even though I had two practices, we came to a fair agreement. I purchased his practice, and helped bring about a a smooth transition for his clients.” Though officially retired, Dr. Soughers still practices in Florida, and often stops by the Morgan County hospitals to lend a hand.

Dr. Parell has fond memories of the Holt Road office. “It was a great location. I developed an approach that we still use, hospitalwide, to this day.” Dr. Parell explained, “We go beyond basic treatment for a problem. We take a comprehensive approach to the care of the pet, and create a comprehensive list of all possible options. We point out the treatments that we feel should be done immediately, those that can wait until later, and procedures that might bring about a specific benefit, but, but which may not be vital. That way the pet owner can decide for themselves how best to treat their animal. It also makes pet care more affordable.”

“We’re extremely well equipped at both clinics. We’ve invested in cutting edge technologies. For those things we can’t do, we refer to local specialty clinics. Our recommendations go beyond what we can perform here, but we focus on what’s best for the animal,” continued Dr. Parell. “Better way to care for your pet isn’t just a slogan to us, it’s a promise that we’ll think outside the box to make available to you the best treatment for your pet. Our clients deserve the best care possible. If they need a specialist, we’re happy to refer them.”

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