By Bob Sullivan
Morgan County Business Leader

Eleven years ago, Curt and Penny Scroggins started Bear Hardware in Nashville, Indiana. They purchased the store at 129 West Washington Str. in Morgantown as their first satellite venture. The location originally opened in 1882 as Mitchell Hardware, and has always been a hardware store. Regardless of ownership, the location has a reputation in the com – munity for offering exceptional service and supplies. Curt and Penny vow to continue that tradition.

According to Penny, “The store opened under the ownership of the Mitchell sisters, who were twins. Their father helped start it. He became ill, and the sisters took it over for many years after.”

Curt adds, “The location changed ownership many times, but it’s always been a hardware store and it’s never been closed.” The Scroggins’s pur – chased the store from the Parsons family and took control in July without shutting the store. Instead, they update the inventory and make tiny reno – vations daily.

Curt recalls, “I’d worked in hardware since I was age 16. My uncle owns a hardware store in Bloomington.” In fact, Curt and Penny first met at his uncle’s store. “Penny was buying parts, running an errand for her dad.” Penny adds, “I said to my dad, ‘I hate hardware stores! Don’t make me go there.’ And after Curt waited on me, I started going there every day. At the end of the month, Dad got his bill, and said ‘What are you buying over there?’”

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