By Bob Sullivan
Morgan County Business Leader

When Tim Coon purchased Indiana Machine Works (IMW) in 2005, the Mooresville-established manufacturing company had a reputation for excellence spanning over sixty years. The company was created in 1943 as a subsidiary of LABECO (Laboratory Equipment Corp) for their production of automotive and aerospace testing machines. Their single-cylinder engine test remains to this day a valuable component used internationally for spark plug innovation and quality control.

In 2000, LABECO segmented the Mooresville manufacturing and assembly plant into its own business, forming IMW. Though it maintains a warm partnership with LABECO, IMW is an independent company contracting products and services to other local, national, and international corporations. One notable example: IMW builds equipment for quality control testing of the gears of the Apache Helicopter for Boeing. The company also specializes in the machining of parts for a wide variety of customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, construction, and food service industries. “You come to us with what you want to build. We can build it for you,” explained Tim Coon, president of IMW. “We can design it for you, or tweak your design, and build components for the finished machine.”

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