When asked about the last two or three years, many people will talk about the pandemic. But when you talk with Sidney Stallsworth, she will tell you about all the exciting changes that have happened in her business and life.

Stallsworth started a career doing nails in 1994. She went through working in a shop and then a period of working from a licensed shop in her home and then into a brickand-mortar location in Mooresville. She stayed on the move, relocating as her business grew.

In 2018 she began thinking about expanding into a second location. But she had a problem. “I was working 60 hours a week doing nails,” Stallsworth said. “How do you find time to become an owner/manager and start something new?” The idea of expanding was just a seed kept in the back of her mind; not gone, but not actively being nurtured.

Pushed into Seeing the Vision

Then the Artesian Group, Doug Molin and Craig Fenneman, called. And called. And called. They wanted to explain their vision and what they were doing in Martinsville. Reluctantly, she and her husband, Joe agreed to meet with them. “I was on the fence,” Stallsworth said. “Do I, or don’t I? I was pretty much set on, ‘No.’” However, as I listened to them talk about their vision for what downtown Martinsville could be, my own visions started happening.”

She began to see how she could contribute. Martinsville clients had been asking her to come closer to them in Martinsville. She knew her business could offer other residents good, expanded, services. “I began looking at the growth in jobs that we could bring to the city.”

As they walked out of the meeting, Joe said, “You’re not going to do this, right?” She said he was correct, and the pair left on vacation. Some vacation it turned out to be. They brainstormed and made a list of pros and cons. By the time they returned home to Mooresville, she had 10 reasons why she should do it. She kept thinking to herself, “If I can do this… If we can get it together …”


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