Lt. Governor commends successful leaders and businesses

By Elaine Whitesides
Morgan County Business Leader

“The Morgan County Business Leader exists to celebrate Morgan County businesses,” said publisher, Jim Hess. Nowhere is that more evident than at the bi-annual Morgan County Business Leader Cover Party, once again title sponsored by First Merchants Bank, as well as, Economy Heating & Air, and Carlisle Branson Funeral Services. Held May 12, 2015 at Heartland Crossing Golf Links was certainly that and very well attended.

“Some people may not even be aware of the many very successful businesses just around the corner,” said Jim Hess. “Knowing their stories, and meeting the leaders who contribute to the welcoming and vibrant business community in Morgan County is truly important. That’s why we tell their stories; for all to hear. We can learn from their successes and from their challenges.”

The Cover Parties not only honor the last seven business leaders and owners, but provide an opportunity for leaders in the Morgan County communities to come together. They meet, share ideas, and once again are inspired by the work taking place to make the county a place where everyone wants to live, learn, and work.

At this latest event, Indiana State Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann attended and shared insight into the small business environment in the state. She oversees six agencies in the state, including Small Business Entrepreneurship. She has brought many years of her own experiences as a business owner to her position and that leadership in the State of Indiana.

The business climate in Indiana ranked at No. 6 in the nation and No. 1 for the Midwest, according to Ellspermann, has meant more business attraction. In addition, Indiana is ranked No. 10 in the nation for small business specifically. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation has reported record years in the last two years. She said more than 100,000 private sector jobs have come to the state in the last 2 years and the push is to create even more.

Of the Morgan County Business Leader, Ellspermann said, “I love that somebody is telling the good news stories of all the worthy things happening by great leaders in our community. We don’t hear nearly enough of it.”

“It’s important to raise up business leaders,” Ellspermann said. She noted that while the evening was to celebrate the leaders featured on the cover of the Morgan County Business Leader, there were many more in the community to celebrate, too. One common thread woven through the stories of leaders is that they include public service in their focus. They all want to make a difference in their communities and work to make things better. Ellspermann reminded every small business owner in attendance of the resources and opportunities offered by the state to them. She said, “I say that the agencies I oversee are capacity building. We can’t do it for you, but we can help you.”

Ellspermann ended her talk by saying, “We are here to help you grow. We want you to achieve what you want to achieve. We expect to be, and will be, part of the team in everything you do.”

One thing we know here at the Morgan County Business Leader is that we will continue to highlight and feature the businesses in Morgan County. We hope you learn from your peers’ experiences and that our publication provides information and tools you need to grow and prosper. And, we will continue to come together to celebrate all the good things that makes Morgan County a thriving community.

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