Ben Neal exemplifies how Mooresville High School’s DECA program fuels student aspirations.

By Elaine Whitesides
Morgan County Business Leader

In light of the fact that the last reports from the Small Business Administration reveal that there are more than four million small businesses with less than 10 employees in the United States, there is a very high likelihood that many of today’s young people will eventually own and operate a small business of their own. Indiana alone has more than 78,000 small businesses with less than 10 employees. Other than personal experience and individual fortitude, little else prepares people to be business owners, especially those who do not pursue a business track in college.

When you talk to the owners of small businesses today, they will often talk about the learning curve and how much time is taken in “learning the ropes” and getting a handle on all the different aspects of business ownership. Mentors and role models are the heroes to many an entrepreneur and the reliance on groups like chambers of commerce and the Small Business Administration is strong.

It is not just the need to gain the knowledge and learn the skills necessary to build a successful business, but the fact that the growth and development of many communities rely on the small businesses and their owners. The owners become the community leaders. And the sooner leaders develop their skills, the more success they will find – and the better off the communities will be.

For that reason, Traci Ball and Aimee Kroll, two business teachers at Mooresville High School sponsor the DECA program for students interested in business. The program is new to the school this year. There was previously a chapter of the Business Professionals of America at the school, but the curriculum and the DECA program were more closely aligned so the transition to the DECA program was made. Kroll said, “The classes that we teach are business, marketing, and accounting. BPA was more computer application and computer science.” Already there are more than 40 students active in the chapter.

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