In 2022 Mark Mauck will reach 23 years of being a successful small business owner. That is no small feat. The Small Business Administration maintains that about two-thirds of new businesses survive only two years. Of those still operating at that point, about half will not survive more than five years. Each year in business is a celebration. It is also a time to reflect on what has changed, how you as an owner have changed, and whether your goals have remained the same. After 23 years, Mauck says that some things remain the same, while others have changed, in some instances dramatically. Business ownership has changed Mauck, he has learned, evolved, and grown over the years. And it’s all good.

Going to Ball State and graduating with a double major in geology and soil science, Mauck began working for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in the emergency response division. He was tasked with cleaning up environmentally hazardous chemical spills.

In 1997 Mauck left the job. It was a steady paycheck, but he wanted something more for his family. With the support of his wife, Jane, and daughters Julia and Caroline, he has built two successful businesses, still cleaning up – just in a different way.


In 1999 Mauck opened Langenwalter Carpet Stain Removal. He used a specialized process and chemicals to remove spots and stains and then dye carpets, so they looked like the spill never happened. One of his first lessons as a business owner was to listen to what his customers wanted. They loved the stain and spot removal, but they also wanted him to clean their carpets. Mauck added carpet cleaning to the services he offered.

The new service diversified his business. “You can’t have all your eggs in one basket,” Mauck said. “If you do, you only have one way of communicating with your customers and potential customers. If that source dries up, you have to find something really quick.” It also led him into another market, rental properties, and landlords. He cleans carpets in large apartment complexes as well as small buildings and rental houses. “Apartment work is steady,” Mauck said. “Residential carpet cleaning and stain removal ramps up around the holidays and events.” Not only did adding a new service open the business up to new customers, but it also created a stability in the business.

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