By Dawn Tomey
Morgan County Business Leader

If you have carpet problems, you should call Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing Inc. Mark Mauck, owner, was what you might call a “clean up” man for many years. “I left IDEM after 13 years of being a first responder for spills and environmental cleanup. Since that job required me to be on call 24/7, it just wasn’t working for this family man. I wanted to be home more with my wife and our two daughters. So I went to work for Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing of Indianapolis for a couple of years, and in 1997, decided to start my own division of Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing. My partner Chris Wright and I had worked together on many jobs and developed a great working relationship, as well as a great friendship. We went separate ways for a while, but always kept in touch and eventually began working together again,” recalled Mark.

Rather than make carpet cleaning their specialty, these partners decided to concentrate on stains, and didn’t offer carpet cleaning at first. Chris explains, “We wanted to give customers an alternative to replacing carpet with stains. We guarantee that we can remove any stain, especially red dyes, fruit juices, Kool-Aid, ink, permanent marker, pet urine, bleach spots, dye transfers, and rubber backing stains (from laying rugs over the carpet), to name a few. We use high-grade equipment and the right chemicals to remove the stains.” Chris says they rely on the science of the carpet. “If you understand carpet, you know it’s made from different chemicals, and each strand is made individually. The average person’s reaction to a carpet stain is to break out cleaners to remove the spot. What they don’t realize is, they are creating more chemical reactions to the carpet and creating more stains. If you understand the chemicals and how they react, nine times out of ten, you can reverse the damage.”

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