By Bob Sullivan
Morgan County Business Leader

A lifelong resident of Bargersville, Lydia Stout opened Ady’s Fabrics and Notions in 2001, in the storefront next door to her current location. “We moved here [the current location] February 2009, and gained about threetimes the floor space of the original,” Lydia noted. “We were fairly cramped for space. I didn’t need to order stock for months after the move because we just brought everything from there to here, where we unpacked it and let it breathe.”

Lydia describes her customer base as mature women who take up quilting as a serious pastime and their primary creative outlet—who want high quality materials and fabrics to create gifts and heirlooms to last. “We also serve people who reupholster furniture and sew their own clothing.” (Notions refers to the tools and supplies specific to quilting, for example, scissors, thread, needles, supply cases, and so on. According to Lydia, not all fabric stores sell notions.)

“Our employees love quilting, and know the craft. We offer personal service. We can answer [customer] questions, talk out a solution, or just discuss quilting among ourselves. You’re not likely to find that in a chain store.”

Ady’s Fabric and Notions also regularly hosts several quilting and sewing classes, from one-time technique classes to extensive projects that run several weeks. Classes are detailed on the website.

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