By Bob Sullivan
Morgan County Business Leader

Now entering its fourth year, Beasley Creek Farms has been organizing and renting the St. John family farm for group fall parties, tours, and special events for the young and old. “We provide group hayrides and bonfires space for group activities, and we have a pumpkin patch for kids,” said Lori St. John, a farmer’s wife who came up with the Beasley Creek Farms concept. “We reserve a lot of church groups, pre-school groups, and private gatherings.”

St. John oversees the hay ride and bonfire, and prepares the gathering area for the group. For group parties, they offer an optional campfire meal. Customers can roast their own hot dogs, plus chips and homemade macaroni and cheese. “That option is getting popular, and keeping me very busy,” said St. John.

In previous years, Beasley Creek Farms has grown a corn maze, and plans to bring it back next year. “We were flooded twice this summer, and the corn maze was washed out,” said Lori. “What’s there now might be fun for very small children–we’ll have to see–but we’ll bring it back next year.”

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