Jim Hess

Jim Hess has been owner and publisher of the Morgan County Business Leader since 2011 and owner and publisher of the Town Planner Community Calendar since 2008. In both businesses Jim aspires to connect, promote and support the local small business community. As a successful small business owner himself, he knows the challenges entrepreneurs face, the thrill of achievements reached, and the appreciation felt for support and encouragement. That understanding, along with his mission of building relationships, is reflected in the purpose and pages of his publications. Jim’s success began when he graduated from Olivet Nazarene University and embarked on a career with Northwest Airlines. While there, he received numerous awards for his work including the 2003 President’s Award for Employee Support and Inspiration. Several years later, he accepted a position in the manufacturing industry where he was tasked to manage corporate relationships with many different entities ranging from the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. to employee relations. Jim continually strives to contribute to the business community through his participation in civic organizations such as the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce where he has served as both vice president and president. Jim can be reached at jim@morgancountybusinessleader.com.

Elaine Whitesides

Elaine Whitesides brings a unique perspective to her position as writer for the Morgan County Business Leader. With an extensive background in real estate finance and the restaurant industries, she understands the corporate and business perspective of small business owners and entrepreneurs. As an elementary school educator, she has the skills to take the complex and make it simple and clear. As a writer, she loves nothing more than to tie all the information about an enterprise up into a story that reflects not only the business, but the business owner as well. Elaine held management positions for First Financial Savings and Loan and Inland Mortgage Corporation, a division of Inland Real Estate, before obtaining her teaching credentials. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, both from National Louis University. After leaving the education field in 2003, Elaine pursued her interest in writing. It evolved into a business, Whitesides Words, LLC, which she has owned and operated since 2009.

Environmentally Centered

Environmentally Centered

A midden is the term used by archaeologists for a garbage or trash heap. Archaeologists are known to love middens because of the rich cultural finds uncovered in them. So when it was revealed that Jim Parker was a project manager for an archaeology company at one... read more
Morgan County Is Open For Business

Morgan County Is Open For Business

According to Mike Dellinger, the new Executive Director of the Morgan County Economic Development Corporation since May 2, 2016, Morgan County is on the cusp of something big. “Morgan County has a great story to tell and a great future ahead of it,” Dellinger said... read more
Sustaining A Legacy Of Service

Sustaining A Legacy Of Service

They did not know it, but Jod and Jeff Woods’ futures were determined in 1976 when their father, Jerry, started Economy Heating and Air Conditioning. It’s not just a trade business that they now run. For them, it’s a living legacy. Both boys spent summers and weekends... read more
Strength and Safety

Strength and Safety

When you shipped 19,888,398 pieces to Subaru and 13,113,628 pieces to Toyota in 2015, have more than 1,200 employees, and operate a plant with more than a million square feet under roof, keeping it simple takes on a whole new meaning – and importance. Based on the... read more


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