The Yoga Studio Offers Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits

By Tonya Todd
Morgan County Business Leader

When Diana Scalph opened The Yoga Studio out of her home on Kellar Hill Road in 1997, yoga was a trendy, mega craze sweeping the country, and raising many eyebrows regarding its mysteries. Today, the health benefits are undeniable to those who practice the yoga lifestyle.

Yoga, an ancient practice that originated in India, is intended to bring a person back into balance. Scalph says, “Every aspect of your being is affected with this practice…physical, mental and spiritual. Breathing is the core.”

As everything comes into balance, Scalph says, “Yoga can improve how you deal with everyday life – you are calmer; you make better food choices; you are more in the moment. You are better prepared to deal with the stressors of life that we all face.”

Scalph now 67 years old has also been aware of the cynicism surrounding Yoga since she took her first instructor class in 1977. Though the image has improved, many questions still remain:

Will Yoga hurt? Yoga should not hurt. Just like with any physical activity, however, you should not be overzealous and it is important to know the proper techniques. According to a recent report conducted by the American Sports Data, there have only been two injuries reported for every 10,000 times Yoga has been practiced.

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