Morgan County is experiencing another new first with Kim Merideth assuming the role in January 2021 of President/Chair of the Morgan County Council. “Being named the first female president is another hurdle we have crossed as women,” Merideth said. “The boys are letting a girl play. It shows the county is moving in a direction that they are seeing women in leadership positions and roles. Morgan County is seeing that women can get the job done.”

Getting the job done is very much a part of the identity Meredith has established in her work and life.

When Merideth graduated from IUPUI with a bachelor’s degree in business, she took a job at a bank. A year later, she took a customer service position in an insurance agency. She had found her career. Over the next five years Merideth studied and achieved all the certifications and licenses to be a property and casualty agent. Insurance was not the dream Merideth originally thought she would live. “I wanted to stay in the financial end of things,” she said “Life and opportunities came about and changed my life – in a good way. Insurance has been great for me.”

Being a working wife to Bret and the mother of two sons, Cory and Brandon, Merideth knew all the roles held by a modern woman. She said insurance is an industry where a woman can fill a nurturing professional role and be helpful to folks in the worst times of their lives. The hours are flexible. “You’re local and can build strong relationships and be ingrained in the community,” she said. Being rooted in the community is a natural part of life for Merideth. She is excited seeing the children of clients coming in with their little ones. She enjoys the generational aspect of her work as she watches families and the county grow together.

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