By Bob Sullivan
Morgan County Business Leader

Chip Keller opened Keller’s Office Supply in August of 1998, so far experiencing 13 “lucky years as a respected business owner with a reputation for providing outstanding service adn commitment to the economic growth of his hometown. “When I opened, I leased a spot on the square,” Chip recalled. “Then after three years, the opportunity came up to purchase this building and I’ve been here ever since.

Chip Keller was born and raised in Martinsville, and attended Butler University where he obtained his CPA license, lived in Indianapolis for a short time before returning home to Martinsville. ”My wife (Michelle) was also from here, so that clinched us coming back.” In the meantime, he continued to pursue a career as a CPA with an Indianapolis firm five years.

“Retail business runs in my blood, said Chip. “My grandfather owned a business on the square that my Dad took over. My grandfather on my other side had a business in Mooresville. My great-grandfather was one of the primary operators of Grassy Fork Fisheries. So I always had it in the back of my mind to come back to my hometown, if I could.”

Chip laughs, “It wasn’t my dream to go into office supplies, but public accounting was taking its toll. Long hours,traveling, and I knew I didn’t want to keep doing that. By coincidence, there was an office supply store that was struggling for internal reasons, not for lack of business…

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