Mark Mathis pushing to keep Morgan County moving forward

By Elaine Whitesides
Morgan County Business Leader

There is a wooden sign on Mark Mathis’s desk at Mathis Real Estate. It simply states, “It is what it is.” That is a common sense statement that puts many things into perspective for sure. However, after talking with Mathis, there are a few other sentences that should follow it: It is what it is RIGHT NOW, but just envision what it could be – and then act on that.While Mathis and his wife, Jan, are successful in real estate  business in Morgan and surrounding counties, he never really expected to be active in politics and county development. He was active with his children and community sports and in his church. The fact that he and Jan have both grown up and lived in Morgan County and brought up their family in Morgan County means years filled with long-time friends and acquaintances. Morgan County is home – and work – and life, a good life.

Jan is the owner of Mathis Real Estate and she has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Mark worked as a sales manager for Farm Fans. But it was the plan that after that career he would join Jan in the family real estate business. So when Farm Fans shut down, the transition was made. That was the plan and they had no apprehension about working together. “We work completely separate,” Mark said. “I tend to work more commercial. I went in with eyes wide open ready for a new challenge and it’s worked out fine.”

Mark and Jan have been married for 45 years and have three grown children. Cari is a school teacher and lives in Mooresville. Wendi owns and operates a marketing company in Colorado, and son, Marcus, is a sales manager for Anheuser Busch and lives in Plainfield. Working, playing, going to school, living, everything in their lives was based out of Morgan County.

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