As a senior at Martinsville High School, Emily Seger feels prepared and confident as she graduates and sets her sights toward the next chapter in her life at Franklin College. Seger has grown up in Martinsville with her parents, Rob and Roxanne Seger and her brother, Branden. She appreciates the small town environment and its benefits. “I have gotten to know people and make connections with business people in all areas,”

Seger has her sights set on majors in finance and public relations. She recognizes that her pursuits make for a seemingly odd pairing in business, but her decision is based on knowing herself and from exposure and experiences she has had in her high school career.

Part of the reason Seger feels so informed and prepared is because of her participation in the business curriculum and two extra-curricular programs at Martinsville High School. She has taken several business courses including accounting, principles of business management and global economics.

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