Everyone is proud to own property. It’s a big investment, a complicated transaction, and a valuable asset. Owning property is not just land or homes for individuals or families, but sites for business operations, too. In addition, local, state, and federal governments own property for roads, offices, utilities, parks, environmental conservation reasons, and much more.

It is true that “they’re not making any more land” so protecting what property you own is important. But how do you know you truly have ownership of a property? How do you know that an unscrupulous seller hasn’t sold the same property to more people than just you? And how do you know no one has used the property for collateral on a debt that could result in your losing ownership?

B. Craney, owner of Courtland Title & Escrow understands those concerns and has the answers. She has made it her life’s work to ensure every buyer, seller, and lender is protected. The answer is title insurance. Anyone who has been a party to a property transaction has heard of it, but few really understand what it is and what it does. This article cannot cover all the intricacies of title. But we will look at what title work means to Craney and why she has been, and still is, passionate about it after more than 25 years in the industry.

The Craney family moved to Martinsville from Texas in 1988. She was a homemaker. Family was the center of her life. When her three sons were all of school-age, she went to find work. She found a job in a title company. By 1996 Craney was a closer.

A closer is the person who organizes the actual final transaction that transfers ownership from one party to another, including the lenders who are likely involved. It is where everyone signs all those papers. After getting signatures, the closer also makes sure documents are properly filed, recorded, loans paid off, new loans are funded, and everyone can rest assured ownership and debt is properly in place.

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